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(NEW) Physical and Biological Characterization of the Gamma-Irradiated Human Cornea.  
Chae JJ; Choi JS; Lee JD; Qiaozhi L; Stark WJ; Kuo IC; Elisseeff JH;. Cornea. 2015; 34(10): 1287-1294.
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UV Cross-linking of Donor Corneas Confers Resistance to Keratolysis.  
Arafat SN; Robert MC; Shukla AN; Dohlman CH; Chodosh J; Ciolino JB. Cornea. 2014; 33(9) 955-959.
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Gamma-Irradiated Corneas as Carriers for the Boston Type 1 Keratoprosthesis: Advantages and Outcomes
in a Surgical Mission Setting.
Fadlallah A; Atallah M; Cherfan G; Awwad ST; Syed ZA; Melki SA. Cornea. 2014; 33(3) 235-239.
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Evaluation of Risk Factors for Glaucoma Drainage Device–Related Erosions: A Retrospective Case-Control Study.  
Trubnik V; Zangalli C; Moster MR; Chia T; Ali M; Martinez P; Richman J; Myers JS. J Glaucoma. 2013; 00(00) 000-000.
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Gamma-Irradiated Cornea Allograft for Glaucoma Surgery.
Lawrence SD; Netland PA. Journal of Glaucoma 2013; 22(5): 355-357.
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The Use of Precut Irradiated Corneal Lenticules in Boston Type 1 Keratoprothesis Implantation. 
Akpek EK; Aldave AJ; Aquavella JV. American Journal of Ophthalmology 2012; 154(3): 495-498.
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Gamma-Irradiation Reduces the Allogenicity of Donor Corneas.
Stevenson W; Cheng S; Emami-Naeini P; Hua J; Paschalis EI; Dana R; Saban DR. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2012; 53(11): 7151-7158.
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The Intraoperative Outcomes of Gamma-Irradiated Corneas in Corneal and Glaucoma Patch Surgery. 
Daoud YJ; Smith R; Smith T; Akpek EK; Ward DE; Stark WJ. Cornea 2011; 30(12): 1387-1391.
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Evaluation of Irradiated Corneas Using Scatterometry and Light and Electron Microscopy.
Sikder S; McCally RL; Engler C; Ward D; June, AS. Cornea, 2011; 30(5): 503-507.
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Lamellar Keratoplasty Using Gamma-Irradiated Corneal Lenticules.
Utine CA; Tzu JH; Akpek EK. American Journal of Ophthalmology 2011; 151(1): 170-174.
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Abstracts and Posters

(NEW) Extracellular Matrix Characterization of the Acellular Gamma-Irradiated Cornea.
Chae JJ; Choi JS; Stark WJ; Elisseeff JH. ARVO 2013.
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(NEW) A Multicenter Retrospective Study on Gamma-Irradiated Sterile Cornea for Glaucoma Drainage Device Surgery.
Pan Q; Gunatheesan R; Jampel HD; Schwartz GF; Cotter F; Ramulu P; Cute D; Daoud Y; Kent A; Stark WJ. AAO 2013.
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Long Term Outcomes of Glaucoma Drainage Implant Surgery Using Sterile Cornea Patch Graft.
Tang L; Zambrano A; Stark W; Daoud Y. ARVO 2012.
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Gamma-irradiated Sterile Cornea for Use in Penetrating Keratoplasty: A Novel Approach. 
Heflin TH; Yoshida J; Zambrano A; Jun A; Meng H; Pan Q; Stark W, Daoud Y. ARVO 2011.
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Clinical Outcomes of Sterile Cornea Allograft in Glaucoma Surgery.
Lawrence SD; Netland PA.  ARVO 2010.
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Case Studies

(NEW) New Transplantation Tack.  
Corrales G;. EyeWorld Magazine. September 2015; 96-97.
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Managing Tube Exposure in the Setting of Severe Conjunctival Scarring.  
Shah BS; Pro M. Glaucoma Today. July/August 2014; 22-24.
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Therapeutic Penetrating Keratoplasty Using Full-Thickness Gamma-Irradiated Sterile Cornea Tissue (VisionGraft®).  
Corrales GA, Sabet SJ, Kallakury B, Rusnock E, Akpek EK. April 2015.
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