“My favorite go-to graft material.”

Glaucoma surgeons are rapidly adopting VisionGraft® for glaucoma tube shunt coverage. This propriety allograft has been used in more than 10,000 ocular surgeries.

Applications for Glaucoma

  • Covering glaucoma drainage devices
  • Supporting bleb revisions
  • Covering exposed tubes
  • Treating surface conditions including pterygium or trauma

Demonstrated Clarity - Light scatter testing shows VisionGraft® corneas are as clear as non-irradiated corneas

  • View tubes post-operatively
  • Perform suture lysis through graft

Saves Valuable O.R. Time - Engineered precisely to meet the needs of glaucoma surgeons

  • No rinsing or rehydration needed
  • No splitting or cutting required
  • Optimized for horizontal, vertical, or oblique positioning

Non Immunogenic - Reduces risk of infection for patients

  • No adverse reactions reported
  • All cells removed during processing
  • Eliminates risk of bacterial or fungal disease

Durable and Dependable - Biomechanically comparable to fresh corneas

  • Demonstrated low erosion risks
  • Histology shows structure remains intact after irradiation
  • Suture strength comparable to fresh corneas


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